Show Someone Round Your Side of Townske

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For how huge it’s become, Microblogging doesn’t seem to be living up to its name.

We at Popwire are sold on stunning visuals married with refreshing text. That is why when social media platform Townske first sent us a top secret invite to experiment with it, we pried and oogled at the beauty of it all.

Townske is a brilliant virtual symposium of city guides contributed by trotters all over the globe. The team hangs its hat in Marickville, Sydney. Then again, now that its “Everyone’s a local” philosophy is being evangelised rampantly, Townske’s origins are subdued as the rest of the world catches on.

As you localise your search in order better know home or the great beyond, you’ll come across breathtaking imagery coupled with informative captions.

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Favorite Haunts in Copenhagen? Another View of Hong Kong? Day Out in Birmingham? Yes, yes and yes, please. Trust these keen eyes and fervid fingers to transport you into a foretaste of foreign places you’d been longing to visit.

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 6.16.46 AMWho knows, perhaps WHIPPING UP A GUIDE might help someone decide on their next holiday! Upload photos from your Instagram feed or computer, then add a one/two-line description and sprinkle on #tags for good measure – it’s proven to be as idiot-proof as it sounds. And it’d be an awful shame not to share your side of town with these wanderlusting strangers.

Having dropped pins in 150 cities and 75 countries, the 1,7000 Townske guides published so far have gathered over 1,038,000 collective views since January. We attribute that to the seamless interface, extremely user-friendly snippet blogging, much like how one would make mental notes out loud. It’s pretty genius, really.

Here’s what went down at the official launch of Townske earlier this month, where they ended the “invite only” system so anyone can step in, curate and share.

Hit up and make your way through already.