Experimental Pop Trio BRAIDS to play Kilo Lounge this July


With their origins in Montreal, experimental pop three-piece band Braids took to the mountains of Arizona, Vermont and upstate New York to craft their latest and incidentally strongest record to date, entitled Deep In The Iris.

In this third album, Raphaelle Standell, Austin Tufts and Taylor Smith wean themselves off the conduct of day-to-day relationships and strove to be bare; vulnerable to each other, in order to spin an undisguised web that lyrically entangles the mind of the listener with a host of heavy subjects such as abuse, slutshaming and pornography.

Unabashed vocals ride on roomy acoustic instrumentation and tasteful electronics. Out of curiosity we journey through the sound of their previous album Flourish // Perish – a narrow traverse of introspection, before emerging to be greeted by the blitheness that is Deep In The Iris.

Grab your tickets and catch Braids LIVE in Kilo Lounge on 18 July, 8pm.