Green Is The New Black // The Conscious Festival


Charlotte Puxley Flowers will be conducting The Stick Lecture at GITNB this Saturday.

With our growing awareness as to what comprises a life of true quality, “consciousness”, “sustainability” and “wellness” are now buzzwords across every industry – and understandably so.10419052_1519812751671248_2963834524998043155_nAt Green Is The New Black this Saturday, brands and brainchildren of individuals who are passionate about making conscious decisions for positive change converge for a festival, which leaves no stone unturned as far as this way of life is concerned. Whether it’s food, fashion, beauty or lifestyle at large, The WEDGE Asia and The Working Capitol have got you covered with six carefully thought-out components:

11666291_1517019295283927_3819399099826286717_nOne can sit in for a Talk involving panelists from the local fashion industry, shop at a Marketplace of local fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands, and indulge in a plethora of healthy + tasty Grub, a curation of food vendors by The Ate Group (the folks who brought us CREATORY).10451721_713927188654267_2111933110547748817_nAmado Gudek brings to the table imaginative jewellery cast in clear conscience handcrafted locally.

12234870_1522681354717721_8902798001509140734_nABUNDANTEARTH.SG fits right in with its certified organic herbal teas, pure essential oils and natural plant-based products.

12274350_1525234831129040_5817148175489621225_nLe Bono is a refreshing collection of the best wholesome living brands, products and services.

You can also attend a series of engaging Workshops in yoga, natural skincare and modern day toxin-free living to name some. The Stage is reserved for a selection of local musicians such as Vandetta, JNR and Marvin Kam, and of course, Giving to the cause is encouraged as the festival will be raising money for charity throughout the event till the first week of December.11220094_1519309891721534_4807994598716448534_nRemove pesticides in 3 easy steps using a supernatural formula, 外星之光 ETL No.7 l 9.12115672_1518914705094386_3602694351155451728_nAn uplifting Kundalini Yoga class will inspire you to truly embody consciousness, live creatively and gratefully.

Green Is The New Black takes place at The Working Capitol @ 1 Keong Saik Road this Saturday, 28 November. While the Talk and Workshops are ticketed components, attendees are encouraged to donate $1 upon entry. Visit the official #GITNB_SG Facebook page for an exhaustive list of vendors, artists and speakers.