[Follow Friday] Glimpse The Fault In Our Stars through the eyes of Author John Green

36 year-old author and vlogger John Green is as humorous, candid and therefore charming in the virtual world as you’d imagined after reading his book, The Fault In Our Stars. Critically-acclaimed, but better known for its repeated appearance on your Instagram feed sporting a blue cloud-speckled cover and sprawled with handwritten excerpts of reviews, TFIOS is certainly a book you should pick up before the movie is released in June next year.tumblr_lxw9ii3bdg1qzz1dro1_500

That is, if you haven’t already read it from cover to cover, thrice over. If you have, Hazel and Gus should be no stranger to you. Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, who play Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters respectively, make regular appearances or rather, are the subjects in question in John’s YouTube videos such as the one above.

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 Via @johngreenwritesbooks on Instagram

We love how Green never fails to update his fans and some 1.8 million twitter followers on the progress of the adaption from to movie. This includes the bittersweet “It’s a wrap!” on 17 October.

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via @realjohngreen on Twitter

He drops the coolest facts from time to time – apparently the teens cast are real cancer survivors!

With no loftiness, detachment or gleaming professional image to upkeep, Green is truly reaching out to his fans, whom are affectionately dubbed Nerdfighters.

Follow John Green on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or Tumblr and rest assured you’ll be an enormously entertained TFIOS expert by the time the movie is out on 6 June 2014. Despite how geeky that may sound, it is not a bad thing at all.