A Rude Awakening – Carpe Diem

Many are curious, but few are willing to sit down and count the estimated time they have left before they die. Even fewer are willing to put down that estimation in a daunting graphic representation.

Whether you want to see it or not, theblog.de has done all of the above work for you in the simplest way possible. Try out their Carpe Diem project to have a practical gauge on how many more weeks, months or years you can evade the Grim Reaper.

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 12.56.23 PM

In this case, the black dots represent the number of months an average 25 year-old Singaporean woman has left to live. Not thought-provoking yet? You can even check the boxes of timewasters, namely sleep and work, to highlight the time spent on these activities (thus further deducting your time left to really live).

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 12.56.08 PM

The instructions are straightforward. Enter your date of birth and gender, and the rest is calculated for you based on the geographic location of your IP address.

The implications, however, are not half as straightforward. Moral of the story? Carpe the hell outta this diem.