Day 36 of 40

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Forty Days of Dating is a social experiment where two good friends, Jessica and Timothy, who experience opposite yet equally frustrating relationship problems decide to date upon finding themselves single some thirty-six days ago.

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We are not making this up.

As their concocted romance unfolds, you can expect quirky illustrations and very quotable insights from both parties as they proceed to document each day’s happenings in a systematic, enthralling fashion. They are, after all, creative designers trying to find their place in the Big Apple.

Kudos to Jessica and Timothy for their absolute dedication to the cause of this project. Now the only question on our minds is: What happens on Day 41?

Time will tell as their stint draws to a close this week. Meanwhile, what we do know is that they’ve signed with Hollywood talent agency CAA and are now fielding interest from producers looking to use their story as the basis for a movie or television series. Talk about actual reality TV.