[Video] Riptide by Vance Joy

Our post-lineup-release exhilaration led us to work on a short 8tracks playlist entitled Hiphiker’s Ride To The Galaxy. In the process of creating this Laneway-themed mix, we chanced upon the music video for Vance Joy’s Riptide, which is utterly ingenious.

Don’t you love how everything is taken literally?

This song hit #1 on Hype Machine’s Most Popular Chart within hours of upload to Soundcloud, and we can see why.

Vance Joy talks to 3Links about leaving his lyrics open to the listener’s interpretation:

Q: Do the lyrics of “Riptide” hold any personal significance? The song appears to be a coming of age love story- would that be accurate?

Vance Joy: I think that is there, yes. I like the idea of people having their own attachment to the song. Around the time I wrote the song I met this girl. I asked her what she did and she was like “I’m a magician’s assistant.” I didn’t really know where to go from there. I bet she never gets tired of laying that line on people.

Riptide is part of Vance Joy’s new album God Loves You When You’re Dancing. We look forward to catching the emerging Melbourne folk-pop artist in action at St Jerome’s Laneway Festival Singapore next January, alongside fifteen (and counting!) other incredible acts.

Visit the St Jerome’s Laneway Festival Singapore website to see the full lineup and purchase tickets.