16 April 2016 // This Electro Warehouse Party Will Be Hard To Top

Moonbeats Asia‘s upcoming party thrown in collaboration with Superga, if done right (and it will be), is gonna be a night to remember. Ryan Hemsworth and Slow Magic? With local supporting acts both crazy current and on the horizon?

Lastly: they spinning + us dancing + in a warehouse?!

This eclectic lineup may not be all that familiar, but stick with us till the end of this post and you might be just as stoked to immerse yourself in what these artists have to offer.Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 1.25.13 PMRyan Hemsworth initially explored with vocals and guitar in his teens. What really took off was his entrance into the world of drum loops and sampling. With a production range now spanning across the spectrum of hip hop, R&B, dance music in its many forms and even indie rock, the Canadian artist has truly paved his own way. Numerous underground rap collabos and a string of landmark mixes/remixes took him to the four corners of the world and lay the groundwork for his originals.

We’re especially intrigued by his project Secret Songs, a free outlet to share new exclusive music he supports with no strings attached. The platform started as a simple Soundcloud page and took off immediately, now growing into its own imprint, permeating into his live shows, having “started its own service” as noted by The New York Times – all supported through a vast network of collaborators and fans.

We can’t shake off Snow In Newark featuring Dawn Golden.
Some playlists we’ll be listening to throughout the week: His debut album Guilt Trips / Sophomore album Alone For The First Time / Taking Flight (w/ Lucas).Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 2.00.26 PMWe missed Slow Magic the last time, but most definitely will not this April. Here’s letting the future-primitive, ultra elusive work shall speak for itself.

Bearing in mind that these are merely the headliners and we’ve yet to introduce supporting acts MYRNE (!!), Et Aliae, DuriO (of ATTAGIRL!) and Team Cake, here’s the Moonbeats Warehouse Party Event Page where you can find playlists and more information. Here’s Moonbeats Asia’s website where you can get standard or group (4 pax) tickets for $70 and $240 respectively for the 16th of April. Go on and do what your ears and heart tell you.

Also note: Warehouse.