Charlie Puth & Selena Gomez Put Out Some Serious Earworm

We Don’t Talk Anymore has been on replay all weekend, and I derive a strange satisfaction from finding a really great cover of an already catchy tune. Alex Aiono and Diamond White‘s phenomenal vocals make this cover well worth a watch.

Also, if you’re in the mood to shake things up a little, check out Darth Legion‘s bootleg remix below – an epic, slow-moving glacier. It’s also downloadable for free via this link.

But does it get any better than the original? We think not; especially with a riff like that and a backstory this hard to top:

“She came over and I literally set the mic up in a closet,” Puth revealed with a laugh. “So, I can say that I’ve vocal produced Selena Gomez while she’s in a closet recording.

It was, like, the most ghetto set up ever, but I think it added to the quaintness of the record. She did a really good job, too.” [Source]