Honne Does The Mannequin Challenge With Sporting Korean Fanatics

11059721_653377538132477_6431308274887366302_oH O N N E, namely James and Andy from London, is another way to spell I N C R E D I B L E . The duo write, record and produce all the electronic soul they have made thus far. Andy’s vocals are immediately recognisable – he slurs – sometimes achingly, sometimes blissfully, about love and other themes in an uncomplicated, literal fashion. All of this rides over millennial, highly-processed sounds, and precisely as many layers of them it takes to make it tasteful.

“We’re on to something beautiful”

“Like a rabbit in headlights
They’re stunned by all your charm
And I feel so damn lucky
To have you on my arm
And I can’t help but wonder
How we ended up alright”

It’s a culmination of things done right that makes HONNE’s slick music immediately understandable. It’s easy, warm and easy to warm up to. You just want to “go with it”, how each verse feels immensely great but comes from a learned place. Perhaps it’s an education on the soul of now. Here are some of our favourites:

Other things to like about HONNE: Their aesthetic and the way they so graciously champion women.13717398_796756007127962_3667129747547782899_o

HONNE is a Japanese word (本音) meaning “real intention”. They call their label Tatamae, which means the opposite “public behaviour”. Click below to listen to their discography, or the image above for their latest album Warm On A Cold Night (2016).

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