Angus Stone Reborn As Dope Lemon

I feel like I have spent a great deal of my youth chasing down Angus Stone to no avail and with no regret.dopelemon_angusselects_thejamesadamsWell here he is as Dope Lemon, complete with his relatively fresh Honey Bones album and quirky stoned (haha) citrus fruits no less. The super adorable music video for Marinade is one where irony, nostalgia and psychedelia abound.

The entire album is a story told in his wistful drawl over distant and perpetual distortion. Won’t Let You Go‘s arrangement is fun and especially… indie-cinematic. It takes things a notch up alongside The Way You Do and How Many Times, because midtempo is as intense as it gets. It’s grimy, compressed, depressed and we love it. Still very much his morose self with numbers like repetitive Fuck Things Up which makes this yet another rainy evening muse – budding from our evergreen obsession with siblings Angus & Julia Stone.

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