[Community] The Upcycle Project

Everyone has at least one item in their name that they can’t bear to throw out completely, even though it may be deemed obsolete. It could be the sentimental value attached to it, or the phobia of only missing something when it’s gone, but we end up being hoarders of things we don’t need – even if they can help someone else live better.


To this, they say one man’s “trash” is another man’s treasure.

Explore and be inspired as community design collective Participate In Design brings this expression to life. In order to live up to their name, they encouraged folks in the district of MacPherson to participate in transforming unused furniture and everyday objects into relevant objects for new owners.

The result? A full-fledged exhibition entitled The Upcycle Project, showcasing snippets and snapshots of the relationships that were formed around each object, and the lives that it has touched.

Upcycle Project Poster

If this tickles your fancy, you can RSVP with @omnomnom@foodforthought.com.sg for the launch cum guided tour happening this Friday. Click through the picture above for more details including how to get to Fast Food For Thought at 8Q SAM  and The Civic Musuem, where the exhibition is held all through December.


Check out The Thought Collective to learn more about this group of social enterprises and their efforts in changing the way we think, live and serve as a community through projects such as these.