Buckle Up For A Visual And Visceral Feast At I Light Marina Bay 2017

The fifth i Light Festival at Marina Bay commences on Friday, 3rd March and runs till the 26th. If you’re looking for a perfect place and time with family and friends in the evening, this could be it.

We have the opportunity of coming up close with the artists and organisers of Asia’s leading sustainable light festival, making the preview tour even more experiential and awe-inspiring than venturing alone. Here’s sharing some of our most exciting finds and must-sees!

Horizontal Interference by Katarzyna Malejka & Joachim Slugocki (Poland) is an extensive yet simple colourful cord construction from PVC between trees. It catches light and makes a formidable chorus of rippling sounds, creating a neon static effect that’s powered purely by the wind. Simple and snazzy, it’s perfect a boomerang if you ask me.

horizontal-smallHorizontal Interference. Image courtesy of Katarzyna Malejka and Joachim Slugocki (1) copy

MoonFlower by industrial designer Lee Yun Qin (Singapore) is a luminescent display of solar-powered flowers that extend throughout The Promontory, next to several other works. Over 800 mystical, modular flowers form a sea of calm that goes for yards, with spaces between patches for groups to roam and sit amongst. Best of all, each flower is up for “adoption” for a minimum of $5 after the festival! Talk about zero waste.

Moonflower by Lee Yun Qin


Urchin by Choi+Shine Architects (USA) located at the lower boardwalk will blow your mind. Hand-crocheted from about 50km of lace, the majestic sea urchin-inspired structures juxtapose the delicate and permeable surface against Singapore’s urban skyline. Visitors are able to step inside the urchins and become a part of the art, looking from the inside out.The Urchins Big

IMG_7672The nylon lace had been sent to different countries from the U.S. to be crocheted, and thereafter shipped to Singapore to be assembled. #no #getout

i Light Marina Bay features no less than 20 light art installations by local and international artists from nine countries, all of which are worth experiencing on foot or by the breezy boat tour that practically covers all ground. Our final mention has to go to Secret Galaxies by local audiovisual collective Syndicate:

secret-galaxiesUsing the ArtScience Museum as their canvas, Brandon Tay, Kiat and Safuan Johari highlight the night sky as a timeless point of reference throughout human history. Blurring the lines that separate science, faith, art and magic, Secret Galaxies includes all of us in its spectacular display of visuals and tunes composed to correspond with select planets and stars. These are best enjoyed when viewed from the pods on the Helix Bridge, where the sound is enhanced.

In two hours, we glossed over what is meant to be experienced over a span of the next three weeks. With three themed festival hubs including an endearing Art Zoo, The Fantastical World of eco.me, and Gastrobeats, evenings at Marina Bay are further enlivened by endless activity. Whether it be music, food or recreation, everything is enjoyed sustainably and affordably, so you wouldn’t have to worry about having a mediocre time.

For more information on the vendors and lineup at i Light Marina Bay, have a look at their official site.