A Stocktake Of Ffion’s R&B Releases Not To Be Missed

16730296_1873565039562265_5370382894769341416_nWith Apple Music’s New Artist Spotlight on her, 2017 is a big year for Ffion. Her latest release a day before Valentine’s titled I Miss U is a charming prognosis of her music to come in July, and further affirmation of her signature full-bodied R&B style.

I Miss U was the first song I worked on with (producer) GROSSE, with his guidance, writing the song came naturally. It became an emotional outlet and I felt I could really let go after the song was complete. It encaptures all sides of my personality, the quirky/weird side and the melancholic side,” shared the Singapore-based British songstress.

Lyrically the song was written to almost contradict itself, to walk a fine line of indecisiveness.

Before I Miss U there were singles With You and Over It, both of which are accompanied by MVs that reflect the same inevitable troubled nature that bubbles beneath a couple’s sublime chemistry.

With You, September 2016

Over It, December 2016

You can download Ffion‘s I Miss U via iTunes here and stream it via Spotify here. Meanwhile, listen out for Ffion during her live performance at Gastrobeats, i Light Marina Bay 2017 on 4th March.

Spotify’s Early Noise 2017 playlist below features Ffion (as cover girl, no less), Sam Rui, Jasmine Sokko, Evan Low, Linying and Charlie Lim alongside other Asian artists highlighted to look out for.