You Gotta Hear The Rest Of This American Teen

It’d be near impossible to not have heard Khalid’s Location by now. Not to be confused by DJ Khaled:

“Girl you small
you lawyer
you grapefruit”

(from the infamous MV of Hold You Down)

Okay yes. Back to Khalid, the 19 year-old independent Texan singer and songwriter released his album, American Dream in March this year, and it’s full of gold. It’s sincere, dreamy, brilliantly paced and phrased. Our picks are Young Dumb Broke, Therapy, Shot Down… you really ought to have a listen yourself:

A few of his songs simply divulge the halcyon days of his youth, such as Young Dumb & Broke and 8TEEN, which he isn’t very far ahead of.
“I never fell in love,

I saved those feelings for you,

So let’s do all the stupid shit that young kids do.”

These are nuanced by his super laidback vocals and just-enough instrumentals.

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