WireVision Mixshow Presented by Nez Senja: Guest Mix by Orio (Fat Fish)

Welcome to the WireVision Mixshow. This mix show is presented by Nez Senja, and is a collaboration between Popwire and Revision Music.

This edition sees Orio of Fat Fish with a guest mix within the first hour. Nez Senja in the mix for the second hour. All sorts of music from soul & disco to electronica, house, jungle and drum & bass. Enjoy the tunes, and happy new year!

– Orio Guest Mix –
Nez Senja – From 51min
Atika Altar – Afloat Against Time
Pablo Valentino – Space Tribe
WK7 – More Music
DieMantle – Spirit World
Henry Wu – Deep in the Mudd (feat. Hardhouse Banton)
Baby J – Unity (National Anthem)
Dismantle – Bodied
Low End Activist – Signal To Noise (Ratio)
Coco Bryce – Oracle
Myor – Ill Bahaviour 002 (Side A)
Sun People – Give It Up
Lynch Kingsley – Astral Pulse
Thugwidow – The Degrading Idea Of Home
Steve Spacek – Follow Me (Skeptical Remix)
Workforce – Your Moves
Fixate – One For The Floor
Bungle – Mutant
Cyantific – Reincarnation Dub