WireVision Mixshow – Marco Weibel (Darker Than Wax) + Nez Senja – July 2020

Welcome to the #WireVisionMixshow. A collaboration between Revision Music & Popwire.com.sg.

This month we got a special guest mix by Marco Weibel of Darker Than Wax. Being based in New York the past couple of years has seen him push the Singaporean label to a worldwide audience. He chats to Nez Senja at the start of this mixshow – regarding his time and work in the States for the label, as well as dropping some info on the latest and forthcoming releases by the Darker Than Wax.

Marco Weibel provides the special guest mix for 90 minutes, and Nez Senja gets in on the mix for the last 45 minutes.

Kaelin Ellis – Cold Coffee
MAARTEN – Blow My Mind
Marco Weibel Guest Mix – From 5min50s
R D Burman – Har Ek Rasta Saja Ke Chal
Nick Hakim – Qadir
Gangsta Pat – I Wanna Smoke
Speak No Evil – Speak No Evil
Itopia – Creation DubwiseS
yrup – The Recipe
Bel Air Project – Dark Jazzor
Freddie Gibbs – Something to Rap About feat. Tyler, The Creator
Jay Daniel – Solo
Nick Hook – Need 4 Speed
John Wright – Earth2
Harmony – Watch This
Burland –  Me So Love Ya (ft. Adotey Johnson)
Ajate – De De
Dj Nervoso – Kuia
Lurka – Rhythm Hi-Tek
Guerrinha – Porto Oitis 
Kush Jones – Like Water
Jesse Bru – Changing For You
Hiatt DB – 6 O’Clock Rock
Congress – You Gotta Get It
Joan Bibiloni – The Boogie
Jitwam – Back To My Place
Gene Tellem – Chipped 
Vedagor – Untitled II
Javonntte – Remember
Glenn Underground (ft Terence FM) – Don’t Stop The Feelin’ (C.V.O. Dub)
Nez Senja Mix – From 1H38Min
Phuture T – El Ritmo Mundial
SomeJerk – Cool Flex
Phillip D Kick – Summer Moods
Pearson Sound – Cobwebs
Coco Bryce – U Can C In There
Alex Reece – I Need Your Love (2020 Remaster)
Kamaal Williams – One More Time
Al Massrieen – Longa 79
Shabjdeed – Ana el Muteer أنا المتير
Kutiman – Awake In The Rain