The WireVision Mixshow presented by Nez Senja with a special guest mix by MyHero (Mugic) and a chat with Naomi of Midnight Shift

The WireVision Mixshow is a collaboration between Popwire and Revision Music.

For the first hour we have a guest mix by MyHero of Mugic, playing a carefully selected range of music, that you might not necessarily hear the man play out at the clubs.

For the second hour we have Revision Music chief, Nez Senja with a mix that runs for about an hour and forty minutes, to make up for the no-show in April. Towards the second half of that portion Nez also chats with Naomi, who is spearheading events for the Singapore-Berlin Techno label, Midnight Shift.



Psychemagik – Sisters of the Moon
MJ Lallo – Aquarius Blue
Steve Hillage – Garden of Paradise
Tangerine Dream – Search
Steve Hillage – Four Ever Rainbow
A vision of Panorama – Oceanique
Mad Professor – Soul African Crossfire (Lay-Far Re-edit)
Blackbush Orchestra – Sortez, Les Filles (Kay Suzuki remix)
Asa Moto – Systema Naturae
Stephen Head & Aldo Tamborelli – Voices
Mike Fabulous – Wang East (Instrumental)
Steva & Teresa – Catching A Wave
Steve Hillage – Four Ever Rainbow
Vertical Lines – Beach Boy (Instrumental)
Ponzu Island – Ponzu Beach
Maxx Mann – Bloody and Blue
Don Bernini – Whirlwind Stephen Head & Aldo
Tamborelli – More (Ti Guardero’ Nel Cuore)

Senja – From 1:04:15

Osamu Sato – TV River (Morgan Geist Mix)
Culross Close – Healing
L’Eclair – Endless Dave
Don Leisure – Only Built 4 Turkish Linx
Dolenz – Introducing Spacebody
Georgia – Askja
Rian Treanor – ATAXIA_B2
Martyn – Recon
Djrum – Waters Rising
J Majik – Code Breaker
Coco Bryce – Vertigo
Response & Pliskin – Middle Class Cocktail Stick
Simon Bassline Smith – Midnite
O$P$ – The Answer (Woke AF Mix) ft. Van Detta
Itoa – Hush Hush
HomeSick – Inside Looking Out (130 edit)
Deft – Constant K
Harmonious Thelonious – Kabriman
Golden Teacher – B5
Eastern District – High Road
SHADES – Two One Six
Rupert Clervaux – Make Nature Speak
Tenderlonious – Hard Rain
Mark de Clive-Lowe – The Silk Road