First of all, like us, you must be wondering – Who is Towkay Tan?

Towkay Tan is the protaganist in this short film, and in essence embodies our unwittingly cynical interaction with foreigners at times. Ah Biao, his shop runner from China, can’t seem to get the hang of our infamously long list of kopi variations in time for an impending coffee stall takeover when his boss leaves to celebrate Chinese New Year with family. Watch as the disaster Towkay Tan had envisioned unfolds into a harmonious reunion that not only befits the season, but any part of the era.Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 3.22.51 AMThis short film is merely a prelude to a full-fledged campaign initiated by Sproud. Its website encourages Singaporeans and foreigners alike to air their opinions on the subject of our notable racial diversity, as well as how we react to and navigate these rapid changes birthed from the recent influx of foreigners. What we like best about #WhyBeTowkayTan is that it facilitates open conversation and does not enforce a particular idea or conduct; apart from rediscovering humanity shared across every race and ethnicity there is.

The short film is now live on Asian online video platform Viddsee, and will be aired in theatres (Shaw and Cathay) before movies from 4th of February for a week. Read what others think and don’t hesitate to share your insights and stories by submitting them via email.

From the official WhyBeTowkayTan Facebook Page:

[…] After all, there are more similarities between people than they may realise. But it takes time and an open mind to see them, and the beauty in all our differences, little or big. And that is what ‪#‎WhyBeTowkayTan‬ is about. It’s about learning more about each other through sharing of perspectives, and recolouring the way we see others. It’s about receiving differences with openness and embracing contrasts. It is, very simply, being human together.