What’s In Your Playlist? – Dan Stezo

Widely known for being Lenzman’s main man on the microphone through their mix tape collaborations, MC Dan Stezo’s bars always grace the soulful side of D&B music, with a style reminiscent of 90s Hip Hop & Rap. The MC’s vocal takes have recently appeared on modern heavy weight D&B labels such as Metalheadz & Hospital Records, on ‘Golden Age’ & ‘Talk The Talk’ with producers Lenzman & Hugh Hardie, respectively.

MC Dan Stezo’s tour schedule has seen him hosting stages alongside the best DJs in the Drum & Bass industry at high quality music festivals such as Dour, Dimensions, Sun & Bass, Creamfields & Rock The Bells.

In more recent times, Dan Stezo has launched his DJ career path as Gokil System, utilising his 15 years of experience of hosting parties and promoting by delivering sound system culture with a traditionalist approach and attitude for the current generation. Not bounded by any particular genre or style, he explores Hip Hop to its roots and beat culture and its experimentation, all while including essential and rare world music, from Thai Molam to funky Afrobeat styles.

Initially debuting Gokil System at the famed Sun and Bass festival in San Teodoro, Italy – a Drum & Bass music festival catered only to the best of high quality music within the genre – MC Dan Stezo looks to tour Gokil System further. Coupled with his involvement in the launch of Lenzman’s The North Quarter imprint, which has tonnes of forthcoming soulful material in both Drum & Bass and Hip Hop styles – we at Revision Music identify with this expansion and unity of sounds from far and wide to truly build an appreciation of real music for real heads from all around the globe.

In Singapore this 28th & 29th April, the man from the Netherlands himself will be doing two shows. First up will be Revision Music’s essential club night Sub City on Saturday, where he will MC as Dan Stezo, and the other to DJ as Gokil System at Choice Cuts on Sunday evening.

Ahead of this double-bill weekend for Revision Music check out this Spotify playlist of his musical influences, and we will see you at the shows!