Every single day, almost 100 elephants are unlawfully killed to sustain the trade of ivory. That works out to be 36,000 to even as high as 38,000 per year – an alarming rate, considering only 400,000 elephants still walk the earth.


That is why regional TV personality and host of Asia’s Next Top Model, Nadya Hutagalung has joined forces with elephant expert and best-selling author, Dr Tammie Matson, to co-found the Let Elephants Be Elephants (LEBE) Campaign. LEBE raises awareness of the connection between Asia’s growing demand for ivory and Africa’s dwindling elephant populations.


“When we see these creamy, beautiful accessories, how often do we think about the elephants? While we know that these came from an elephant’s tusk, many in Asia still don’t know that an elephant has to die for what they are buying. And that is what we are trying to change.” – Nadya Hutagalung 

With the shocking, grisly truth behind ivory revealed, would you continue contributing to the demand for tusks? 70% of people surveyed in China said they wouldn’t buy ivory once they knew about how it is produced (source: IFAW polling).


The LEBE campaign will premier on National Geographic with a half-hour documentary, taking viewers on an incredible adventure with those fighting to save the last of Africa’s elephants. From world famous elephant researchers to courageous anti-poaching rangers, we follow global Earth Hour Ambassador Nadya Hutagalung through these encounters on her first trip to Africa.


The documentary premiers Wednesday, 7pm on 23 April on National Geographic Channel and Friday, 1030am on 25 April on National Geographic Wild. You can also pledge to say NO to ivory on the LEBE website, and share videos and facts straight on to various social networks.

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It’s high time we stopped the poaching of elephants to harvest their tusks, and simply Let Elephants Be Elephants.

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