Tommy Franklin’s story of liberation is one that’s simple, moving and awe-inspiring. I’M FREE TO BE ME is directed by Bassett Dickson & Trent Holmes, and was nominated Tropfest Australia Finalist 2012.

TROPFEST is a world-renowned film festival spanning New York, Abu Dhabi, Sydney and Taranaki in New Zealand. It celebrates short films, music and in support of the culture of storytelling and creativity. On 25 January, the international sensation will be open to all citizens and residents of South East Asia, premiering in Esplanade Penang.

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To get an idea of what to expect from contestants from all around the region, you can check out more featured film entries here. We also hear there will be live music entertainment, for which the lineup is due to be announced in a matter of days. More on Tropfest coming right up! Meanwhile, Tommy’s spirited shuffling would suffice.