Popwire Speaks With…Trust The Chaos About Their New Single Mirror & Their Punk Rock At Large

Trust The Chaos falls in special places; their music is irreverent, “angsty” but also completely accessible because of the positive messaging it holds. It’s known within the first minutes of meeting TTC’s members that they’re averse to self-indulgent venting which stops short of the bigger picture.16796911_1881344702145069_7731818245750588822_oTheir recent single Mirror is about how the very people who are quick to judge and put down others are flawed themselves, and that their denial serves nobody, not even the self. With every member’s strength popped in the mix, the result is loop-worthy, even for someone who doesn’t enjoy punk rock in particular.

And that is the exact agenda for TTC.

“We wanted it to be undeniably punk rock, but also universal and accessible to most young people,” says vocalist Li En, who first fleshed out the lyrics.

“Sharing my thoughts and emotions with my bandmates as well as listeners feels vulnerable in a sense that you’re inviting people in to understand and read your thoughts.

But it is always nice and comforting to know that there are people out there who can relate to these and feel the same as I do.”
17097946_1422370371168891_8620381694861980778_o (1)The band consists of five punk rock lovers who hold day jobs and shoot each other voice memos at strokes of inspiration. They jam and piece it all together. Admittedly, this isn’t the method for everybody, but through some grit it’s worked like a charm for TTC.

“One of my life’s principles is, as quoted from Ron Swanson – Never half ass two things, always whole ass one thing. Anything worth doing is worth doing right,” says guitarist Jing, who claims to have really high standards in songwriting but shockingly low standards in food.

With Aeonix‘s hand in production of Mirror, they’ve come a long way from sketchy demos on their bandcamp, which I found to be super pleasant to listen to as well. That would translate into a great record imo.

TTC’s bassist Alex says it best: “It’s not all just about perfect execution but also delivering the song in terms of emotions and dynamics.”

If you’d like to see TTC bring their tunes from studio to stage, they’re playing in SMU at the end of this month. Meanwhile, stay tuned to Trust The Chaos’ Facebook Page and Instagram for what’s cookin’, and follow them up on Spotify.