[Trailer] SUPERMODELME Femme Fatale Season 4

SUPERMODELME Femme Fatale makes its comeback in the fiercest way thinkable, with its fourth season premiering this coming Monday on DIVA Universal.

SMMFF Official Group Image

The International Emmy-nominated reality competition series is a no-nonsense clash between 12 stellar young ladies of Asian descent – ranging from 19 to 25 years old but all coveting the same illustrious title of Ultimate Femme Fatale of Asia, on top of a career-launching grand prize of SGD$35,000.

This can only be earned by overcoming extreme tasks and outshining their fellow competitors in exciting themed photoshoots, all under the watchful eye of a panel of well-qualified judges including International Supermodel Lisa Selesner, celebrated hairstylist Kim Robinson, E! News Asia’s presenter Dominic Lau and Singapore-born, Thailand-based Model/Actress Ase Wang.


Before you scoff and let it pass as a sorry attempt to remake ANTM in our part of the globe, let me assure you that SUPERMODEL Femme Fatale is nothing short of a gruelling test of the contestants’ physical, emotional and mental capacity. If anything, it has only been taken a notch higher in their upcoming season.

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This season features a mix of divergent personalities (we’re sure would surface sooner or later) who redefine beauty for us as they each exude a distinctive quality about them.


Take for example the calm and collected native Chinese Ying Liu, 25, who’s already a mum – a stunning one at that – still in the running to realise her lifelong dream.

Another contestant who’s instantly notable to us is devil-may-care Ashleigh Martin, 21 with the bleached streaks.


Hailing from Singapore but having lived all over the world, this spunky lass describes herself as “crazy and fun-loving”, and we suspect that is an understatement.

Only time will tell how these unconventional model hopefuls will fare in the competition. Meanwhile, we’ll be 1) sighing at how ravishing these ladies look 2) cringing at the punishing physical training they have to go through 3) rolling our eyes at all the unnecessary drama and 4) crossing our fingers for that favourite one to win.

SUPERMODELME Femme Fatale Season 4 premiers on:

Monday 18 November at 8pm on DIVA Universal/Starhub TV Channel 522

Wednesday 20 November at 10pm on Mediacorp Channel 5

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