Tom Thum and Franky Smart are kind of our Music OTPs

Have you seen Tom Thum perform his original Ratchet Face with Conductor Gordon Hamilton and the Queensland Symphony Orchestra? No? You need to.

Tom Thum is a solo beatboxer who’s been around for years, and bends minds with the sheer range of sounds within his voice’s reach. The multi-instrumentalist even beatboxes while breakdancing, and tours with his Tom Tom Crew fusing the worlds of hiphop and circus culture. Often described as the boy with an orchestra in his mouth (proof below), he’s achieved in his mid-twenties what veteran beatboxers hope to do within their lifetimes.

These days the true OTPs are understated and obscure; and that’s why we’re so glad to have come across his other half, an RnB/soul/funk singer who goes by Franky Smart. Both of them are from Brisbane and exude a laid back, quirky charm. Hear below for their rendition of Teardrops by Massive Attack while on the road in France.
Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 8.22.00 PMSweet, eh? You can download the track on Franky Smart’s Soundcloud. Click to like Tom Thum‘s and Franky Smart‘s Facebook pages for more of them.