TMD Switches Things Up at Beerfest This Friday

Too Much Drama (because what else could it stand for?) started out as a bilingual band, and grew their repertoire to include Korean and Thai songs. The seven-piece band is fronted by vocalists Allie, Ben and Juni, with Shaun Chen on keys, Benny Oh on lead guitar, Alfe Kim on drums and Mah on bass

If you’re up to see them in the flesh over some roast duck pizza and booze, their home turf is Switch by Timbre, where they play Wednesdays and Saturdays. Mandopop fiends will love this cosy place and every band it houses. This Saturday though, they (and we) will be at Safra Craft Beerfest by the pool; so it’d be a great time to catch them outdoors before sunset – 6.30 till 10.30pm to be exact.