The Sing Jazz Grab Bag // Oldies, Newbies But All Goodies

In its third year now, Singapore International Jazz Festival rolls out a list of musicians that are not only truly international, but also genre-bending and spanning across generations. Many of these names need no introduction, but being true to its cause to bring something new to the table each year, Sing Jazz boasts some acts that may not be all that familiar. Several local faves join the ranks too. Here is a rundown of what to expect:hiatussingjazzTwice Grammy-nominated Hiatus Kaiyote is a relatively new Melbournian future-soul quartet with a penchant for animal and ethnic sounds, tumbled and washed with ambient jazz electronica. And Nai Palm’s vocals are the best instrument for putting across these open-for-interpretation lyrics, much like their made-up name which “involved the listeners creativity as to how they perceive it”, according to Palm. Endless amusement and evolvement of sound, so we’re leaving the full album here:

Buena Vista Social Club is an interesting one. An actual club by that name in Havana was closed down in the 1940s around the time the Cuban Revolution deemed local entertainers and the hedonistic lifestyle of nightclubs and gambling unacceptable. 50 years later, this inspired a recording by Cuban musician Juan de Marcos González and American guitarist Ry Cooder alongside traditional Cuban musicians, some of whom were veterans who had performed at the club back when it was hugely popular. The recording took off tremendously and turned the world’s attention back to Latin American and Cuban music, leading to the formation of the 13 piece band Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club which is made up of new and original surviving members. Sing Jazz is part of their last tour ever, so we need to hear these legends live:

Charlie Lim, who first plays alongside The Mothership and is featured during Intriguant‘s set by Lush 99.5, would make a pretty solid Friday night plan. Tunes from his new album and his live improvisations are enough evidence that we’re in for a good time.


We saw Mediocre Haircut Crew at Aliwal Urban Arts Festival, and get why they line up nicely here at the Jazz Fest too. Click here to get in on omarKENOBI, mickeyLEANO, and daniKIDDO’s shenanigans with Fauxe, who they play alongside for Lush Limelight on Saturday, or hit play below for their well-loved Wannabes.

Catch these among other incredible acts like Brit Jazz-funk band Level 42, Grammy Award Winner and soul sweetheart Joss Stone, and The Good Life Project (this time fronted by Vendetta) at the beautifully lit Marina Bay Sands from 4th to 6th March. Click through for our favourites from each respective artist! More details on the Official Singapore International Jazz Festival Facebook Page.