Check out the official trailer of the biographical movie, JOBS, featuring Ashton Kutcher as the much-missed visionary Steve Jobs.

The Jobs Movie

Check out the official trailer of the much-anticipated movie, JOBS, which will be released in the States on 16 August.


We foresee this psychedelic poster will be plastered all over the web in coming weeks.

Doubtful of Joshua Michael Stern’s 122-minute-long interpretation as you may be, we’re generally supportive of any movie that celebrates Steve Jobs’ extraordinary life, albeit one lived all too fast.

From dropping out of college to eventually revolutionising the 20th century realm of technology, we finally get to witness every defining experience Steve Jobs (portrayed by Ashton Kutcher) underwent that made his legacy known throughout Silicon Valley, all of America and beyond.

“What emerges from the garage will change the world forever.”