Settle Into Intriguant’s Solace In Recluse

As the name suggests, Intriguant‘s Recluse is an exploration of the self, inspired by Louis’ discovery of empowerment in solitude in various daily settings. Every track is a living, breathing body of experimental beats and sounds – whether organic, fabricated, augmented.

Hit play and let the liquid stories run.

While meditative, Recluse also confronts grief and frustration. The passing of a friend is grappled with in closing track “You’re Here, You’re Near (feat. KATØ)”, and a struggle with internal inhibition is examined in “Don’t Get Me Wrong (feat. OmarKENOBI of Mediocre Haircut Crew)”.

The first single “Chemistry” (music video above) explores the confluence of human beings in postmodern relationships.

With five out of ten tracks on the album featuring various other artists, we listen out for the nuances each bring, and how that input has found space in solitude.

Popwire: How long did it take you for Recluse to come to fruition?

Intriguant: Recluse took me roughly 2 years to finish the album. It reflects on the experiences and scenarios that I was put into during that period.

Are there any tracks with a backstory you would like to share?

Every track in the album has a story or a certain vibe that I was trying to portray through sound.

For example, “Tomorrow, Again” (feat. Tim De Cotta) talks about a failed relationship that I was dealing with and

“You’re here, You’re near” (feat. KATO) was a tribute to a dear friend who passed last year. RIP MC ROZ

For songs such as Thinking Aloud and Turn which featured artists, did the vocalists themselves write what they sang?

Yes, the vocalists themselves, Ginny and Charlie wrote the lyrics to the instrumental tracks that I had sent them. We talked about the concept and everything before they penned it down.

How did the process of collaborating, sharing and co-creating with fellow artists find its place in the album, with the overarching theme of recluse and solitude?

It happened very organically I guess. I didn’t know go out of my way or try too hard to collaborate with the artists on the album.
Somehow, Everything happened at the right time and the right place. The overarching concept resonated throughout the process of creating the album.

For many, creating music that is experimental and niche can seem inward-looking or self-serving. What are your thoughts on this?

I guess it begins with the upbringing of the individual. It depends on being open-minded, educating yourself with what you feel to lean on more.
For me, I love hip hop and turntablism till today. It has always been an influence in my selection of music and craft.
Making music is a form of expression for me. Despite all that synths and weird sounds, you can still hear the nuances of hiphop in the music.

I have always been influenced by art, design and tech. I perceive music in a more visual sense. The overall vibe of the track is more important for me than clashing notes or chords. It’s the mood that I gravitate towards.
Since you hadn’t endeavoured for such a widespread reaction with Ellipse (2014), did the exposure affect the making of Recluse, knowing more eyes and ears were on you?

I felt that Recluse was a project that I had to do to get things off my chest. It was a form of self therapy for me amidst making the album. Some of the tracks are produced for pensive listening but others are hard hitters that are made to groove to.

I didn’t see in that way of having pressure of the public, there were definitely expectations, but they were my own on how the album is made and showcased to the public. I’m always challenging myself to make more music and come up with interesting ideas. It has been a creative outlet for me and I’m grateful that people are taking notice of it.

How has being part of Syndicate furnished you with an environment to create, versus walking this journey as a DJ and producer alone?

Syndicate has always been an inspiration from the start and I’m blessed to have them as some of my closest friends. They are always open to whatever I wanted to do and they would also include me in projects that they have. I have learnt so much from them not only with music but also being constantly creative.
Surrounding yourself with positivity and honesty is the key for creation.

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Louis’ breakout title track of his EP back in 2014, Ellipse:

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