Projector Culture Docs: Ryuichi Sakamoto Film + Live Performance


Sep 7 – 8 | 8.30-10.30pm


Here’s your chance to take a tantalising peek into the private life of Japanese music maestro Ryuichi Sakamoto. Coda, directed by Stephen Nomura Schible, chronicles Sakamoto’s creative journey following his cancer diagnosis. It’s a heart-tugging and intimate portrait filmed over a span of five years that sees the award-winning multi-hyphenate—he’s a musician, producer, actor, dancer and activist—scouring for inspirations for his musical compositions.


If you’re a huge fan of the synthpop pioneer, then make sure to come on September 8 (Friday), too, for a special one-off screening of Sakamoto’s first post-cancer performance at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City. There are only two shows happening at The Projector, so you definitely don’t wanna miss out on it.