PopwireTV Speaks With…WEFUNK Radio’s DJ Static

“PopwireTV Speaks With…” is an informal conversation series with Artists and DJs from all over the world.

WEFUNK Radio, a weekly radio mix-show from Montreal – is an institution to anyone who appreciates Hip Hop, Funk and Soul.

Founded by  Professor Groove and DJ Static,the duo’s rapport, music knowledge across the spectrum and their range of selects create a weekly radio show to look forward to . As they say –  “We dig deep — from old to new, classics, rare gems, new releases and more. Tune in any time and experience hip hop’s roots and future along with the rich legacy of funk, soul and jazz.” 

Presented by Choice Cuts Goods, DJ Static hit up the Singapore shores & this is our conversation as he gives us the low-down on WEFUNK Radio – its origins from a college radio show to its trajectory into an radio show with a global following. Find out why he’s so excited about chicken, their process of music discovery and more.


WEFUNK’s 1000th show is coming up – it’s bound to be a bumper crop so keep a look out for that! Until then, tune in weekly to http://www.wefunkradio.com or click below to experience their latest show.

WEFUNK is 100% self-funded. If you’d like to show your support, here’re a few ways you can contribute to fuel their independence further.

Interview by DJ Paul Silver. Thanks to Choice Cuts Goods + Coffee! 

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