Our April 2021 Track Selects To Keep Your Headphones On For

There is no denying that Friday is the best day of the week where new music is released and we geek out at every playlist available while celebrating the end of the work week and getting excited about weekend plans. While new music is dropping almost every day, we understand that the task of breaking through all that music clutter is difficult. Here at Popwire, we do you a favour by handpicking new singles and albums you ought to keep your headphones on for.

Rama Davis, How Are You, Home?

Indonesian born, and Australia based singer-songwriter, Rama Davis released his debut EP titled, ‘Here It Goes… this month. The EP is Rama’s gift to fans and a self-reminder of what has happened in his life personally in these recent few years, including falling in love at the wrong time, the notion of being fresh out of a relationship, and self-love. The focus track, ‘How Are You, Home?’ is of Rama learning to let go. Chronologically, the songs in the EP shed light on learning to know yourself better and how to prepare ourselves to become stronger to face the world, and ending off with stepping out of your comfort zone to be stronger individuals.

Listen to ‘How Are You, Home?

Keir, Fenne Lily, Leave a Light On

For those who don’t know Keir on our side of the world, he has a well-deserved reputation for delivering highly charged, soul-wrenching hits that draw you in. Having gone through the loss of his grandfather and the ending of a long term relationship, Bristol-born singer-songwriter, Keir recorded this with long-time friend, Top to Toe singer Fenne Lily, ‘Leave a Light On’ deals with loss, longing and friends that help us survive through the lows and of hitting restart.

Listen to ‘Leave a Light On’


cehryl, outside the party, inside the dream

Hong Kong indie-singer-songwriter, cehryl released ‘outside the party, inside the dream’ as a lead up to her EP ‘time machine’. Warm and enveloping, the track captures soft, tranquil beauty of dreams themselves – peaceful, slightly bizarre and cautious not to be disturbed. The track is easy to sink to, the accompanying music video features cehryl  and her friends in a compilation of raw footage of adventures together, and of them dragging their suitcases as they go their separate ways.

Watch ‘outside the party, inside the dream


Astronauts ft. Sherlyn Veronica, LMI

‘LMI’ features Sherlyn Veronica, frontwoman of Disco Hue – a first collaboration effort for local band Astronauts. The team up delivers a sultry RnB track that explores the tensions of unrequited love and what it means to break down those barriers. The song builds in tension and explodes with a fiery guitar solo, soundtracking a passionate and heated love affair.

Listen to ‘LMI’

KHAi, Jupiter

A first out of a string of releases throughout this year which leads to his debut album, ‘Navy Wishes’, singer-songwriter KHAi dropped ‘Jupiter’ just last week. ‘Jupiter’ is a quirky and up-tempo number, giving listeners a taste of the almost-polarizing difference in sound that KHAi has to offer. ‘Jupiter’ is the embodiment of an emotional rollercoaster, an almost unhealthy blend of impulse and obsession that comes with newfound infatuation.


Watch ‘Jupiter


Axel Brizzy, RISE

With lyrical and technical prowess, Singaporean rapper Axel Brizzy released ‘RISE’ this month. The track explores Axel’s drive to succeed, no matter the cost. Having gone through major challenges over the past few years relating to both his career and personal life, this single is a triumphant return to form, if not better, for the 23-year-old. With this single, Axel Brizzy speaks on how the hearsay, unsubstantiated rumours and shenanigans of the industry will not cause him to falter or be distracted from his ultimate goal.

Watch Axel Brizzy, RISE

.brb, honeymoon

Singaporean Alt. R&B trio, .brb are back with their track ‘honeymoon’. The track touches on that typical honeymoon phase in a relationship when everything is amazing and perfect, but we all know that after it ends things are likely never going to be the same again. The band will be releasing an EP in June this year, with a live launch performance in collaboration with the Esplanade.

Listen to ‘honeymoon’