MargotvsLily_ABetterForItProduction_16X9_original_native_1600Nike Women’s “Better For It” kicks off 2016 with a preview of Margot vs Lily, an eight-episode original series made in collaboration with celebrated filmmaker Alfonso Gomez-Rejon. He’s known for directing Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, as well as several episodes of Glee and American Horror Story. Working alongside are acclaimed director Tricia Brock and bestselling author Jesse Andrews.Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 12.59.39 PMWe love the characters in this story, how it’s been written and styled – yay to subtle product placement. While Margot (played by Brigette Lundy-Paine) is evidently a pop culture junkie who doesn’t even have to try to keep up with what’s cool, Lily (Samantha Marie Ware), her adopted sister, is not pitched directly on the other end of the “hip” spectrum. They just happen to excel in different aspects, invest in different interests, only to realize what might be missing from their own lives. Already anticipating the release of more of these episodes on NikeWomen’s YouTube Channel!

Trailer & Synopsis:

The sisters return home for the holidays on tense terms. 24-year-old Margot has just been fired from her job, while 22-year-old Lily’s YouTube channel “LilyNinja” is more successful than ever. Lily prioritizes fitness over friends, while Margot has a robust social circle and little interest in sport. On New Year’s Eve, tensions boil over and the sisters make a bet.