Nez Senja presents the WireVision Mixshow for March 2019 with special guest William J (Darker Than Wax)

Special guest mix on the show by William J of Darker Than Wax. All sorts of great music from jazz, beats and electronic.

Much love to WILLIAM J for the mix, and we hope you enjoy the tunes!

Stay tuned for the next guest in April


Siti Muharam – Ashikibaya – On The Corner Records
Leong Lau – Salem Abdullah
Chong Wizard – Lexicon Luthor (feat. Codenine)
Proc Fiskal – Soundwise – Astrophonica
Falty DL – A Day At The Races
Fracture – Big Up The Ladies
Halogenix – Trouble – 1985 Music
Alix Perez & Monty – Good To Me
Lenzman – Pictures Of You (feat. DRS) – Metalheadz
Pinty – Ceasors – Rhythm Section
James Rudie – Port Funk – CoOp presents Selectors Assemble
Gallegos – Beach Feet – Banoffee Pies
Margaret Dygas – Frankly – Perlon
General Ludd – Are You Losing My Hearing? – Mister Saturday Night
Followed by Guest Mix at 51Mins: William J (Darker Than Wax)
Oyama Edit – Love & Love
Murlo – Goodbyes
Lord RAJA – Streets Of Rage
Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program – Harambee 2 The Sun
Warp Factor 9 – The Atmospherian (Tornado Wallace remix)
Phill Moffa – Kings & Queens
DJ Joe Lewis – Dub Of My Own (Remix)
DMX Krew – Drum Machine Pt. 2
Lunate – Requiebro
Pinty – Honey
Textasy – Sub-Aquatic Rift
Kassem Mosse & FIT Siegel – Cycle Blue
Oscar G – Moros y Cristianos
Justin Van Der Volgen – High In NYC
Stefan Ringer – Umatic
DJ Bowlcut – No Such Thing As A Soul
Gemini – Klonopin
Rahaan – Disco Fantasy
Anonymous Edits – Circus Dub
Aybee – Push Pull
1432 R Soundsystem – Want It Bad
Byron The Aquarius – i65 West to ATL
Dawit & Dolo – Wise
MoMa Ready – Shade
DJ LILOCOX – Paz & Amor
Taso & Siete Catorce – 2 for $20
Kush Jones – Deep Blue Thoughts
AceMo – Where They At??? Ft. John FM
Privacy – The Flo
YS – 002
Swimful – Are You Telling Me a Sad Story?
Akid Amir – Wanita