New Swing & R&B with The Pocket Watchers – at Music & Wine this weekend

When a musician plays a groove that’s very solid and with a great feel…”, this is referred to informally as being “in the pocket”; when they “maintain this feel for an extended period of time, never wavering, this is often referred to as a deep pocket.

The Pocket Watchers are a group of Singapore based musicians dedicated to exploring the pocket across a variety of musical styles with strong roots in Jazz, Funk and R&B. It’s a rotating door led by Saxophonist – Tim Stocker and Drummer – Anthony Howe giving as many musicians as possible a chance to find their pocket in a creative and fun environment.

Here’s a Youtube video featuring Tim on Bari Sax / Bass Clarinet when he was in NYC. Can you spot him?

This Sunday, Choice Cuts is teaming up with Benjamin Chew (an artisanal wine enthusiast), Chef Jack Trooper from New York and The Pocket Watchers to bring you an evening for the senses.



Enjoy the funk, jazz and boogaloo vibes of the live band in Choice Cuts’ intimate cafe at Serangoon Road, while enjoying a pairing of handpicked artisinal wines and gourmet light bites.

Artisanal Wines Handpicked by Benjamin Chew +
Light Bites by Chef Jack Trooper (NYC) +
Music by The Pocket Watchers.

Tim Stocker – Baritone Saxophone
Anthony Howe – Drums and Vocals
Oliver Von Essen – Organ

Mix your Sunday up and book your slot at, Limited capacity available so sound out your crew real soon.