[Mixtape Monday] Two wrongs make a riot

Even though the #LittleIndiaRiot has died down, it is apparent that discussions will not any time soon. However, Mixtape Monday must go on. With no intention of adding fuel to the flame, we would like to dedicate these ten songs to the angsty, the racist, the anti-racist, the xenophobic and indifferent alike. Some of these songs express our deepest condolences to the families of the boys in blue.

Hit play and peace out.

Two wrongs make a riot from popwiresg on 8tracks Radio.


Underneath The Same Sun – Mooli

Imagine – Tucson Tribute (Sam Tsui, Ahmir Cover) – John Lennon

Shut Up – Black Eyed Peas

Always Love – Nada Surf

King Of Anything – Sara Bareilles

Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice

In The Waiting Line – Zero 7

Feels Like We Only Go Backward – Arctic Monkeys

Keep Breathing –┬áIngrid Michaelson

It’s Only Life – The Shins

Of course there are a billion songs we could name off the top of our heads that would probably stir up more emotion (Eg. Take Me To The Riot by Stars, Fire Water Burn by Bloodhound Gang), but that’s another playlist for another day.