Slap on your headphones and be greeted by hypnotic, succulent vocals, and powerful, pervasive instrumentals: yes, Britain’s Punk Rock Milk Teeth has it all.

Fresh off the charts from their first US tour, their new single Swear Jar (Again) is one of fans’ favourites amongst others like intro track Brick WorkGet A Clue and Brain Food in their debut record ‘Vile Child’, released in January earlier this year.

After releasing their independently-produced EP ‘Smiling Politely’, the band signed onto Hopeless Records in April 2015, producing their second EP, ‘Sad Sack’ in the same year.12654138_909758405805277_9157041219541344398_n

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Milk Teeth = Becky Blomfield on vocals, Chris Webb on guitar, Oli Holbrook on drums, and newly-added Josh Bannister also on guitar.

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