Meet Betty Who’s Got That Human Touch

Betty Who is not a question.

Betty is who she claims and knows to be. Especially at this point in time, having spent two years on the road and emerging with her latest single, Human Touch.

‘Human Touch’ is about when you’re in a relationship with somebody and that relationship ends, and you’ll always live in this weird middle ground where you used to be the closest person in the world to this ex—but now you’re not anymore.

It’s real to me, and it felt universal enough for me to write about. I’ve spent the past two years on the road, and I walked away with this intense feeling of wanting to make dance music. All of that touring and living developed my sense of self. Because of that, I’m in a place where I feel more aware of who I am and able to be vulnerable in a sincere and blunt way. ‘Human Touch’ is the introduction to that new version of myself I’ve found in the last couple of years.”

It seems now more than ever, this revelation is breaking over and across more musicians than one (The Veronicas, Jess Glynne). As humans and women in particular, they care not to overlook the cyclical reinvention of self through brutally honest and perhaps lonesome learning, over as much time as required.13310635_1033330790079710_890383905415581818_nThen comes the inconvenient decision – how much of that introspective vulnerability gets translated to the world that listens keenly? That measure is what had moved her by leaps and bounds since the beginning of Betty.

Lead single and fan fave “Somebody Loves You”, off her independently-released The Movement EP (2014), debuted at #4 of Spotify’s most viral list.

She also recently summoned a worldwide fond recollection of Donna Lewis‘ I Love You Always Forever with her own riveting rendition ten years on.

But even that 2016 self, albeit completely necessary, seems slightly dated now.

Yes, she’s been described by New York Magazine as a mix of “early Madonna…Katy Perry and Robyn, with spunk and confidence” which could be taken as only the best compliment. But who is Betty Who, aside from (these completely relative, mind you) yardsticks of women, equally incredible in their own rights?

This is a question only she will answer with the unveiling of the anticipated 2017 record – and we are already liking the sound of it.

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