MEEKELLAH – She’s all about soul, but she’s got heart

Before you scroll and read beyond this point – trust us on this – click here and let the good vibes stream!


Michaela Therese has resolved to Make You Think with the production of her upcoming music video, which is fuelled by the ongoing contribution of Indiegogo campaign donors.

A good read into her comprehensive campaign page would reveal the thoroughly beautiful and tenacious woman she is. Having been in the local music scene for 14 years now, Michaela feels greatly for fellow creatives and the support they are receiving for all the labour that goes into honing their craft. That is the essence of and inspiration behind Make You Think, for which production is underway. Have a listen to the song right here:

The music video involves a film crew, directors, dancers, stylists – the very artists she sings about and gives a voice to.

On her part of this crowdfunding project, Michaela gives an account of where the money goes and promises an array of foiiine perks such as limited edition merch, autographed + personalised CDs of her full album, tickets to her upcoming show at The Esplanade, free one-on-one piano/vocal lessons (!) or a free live set at your private event (!!); depending on the amount you decide to give. Every cent of the estimated $8,000 budget goes into paying the professionals who are working on Make You Think‘s music video alongside Michaela.


And beyond now, this (unquestionably replayable) song will heighten awareness of local art that addresses pressing issues, creates constructive conversation, possibly reorientating our society into one that’s more embracing and supportive of the arts – which is a pretty darn good cause to stand for!


We’ve said enough, so click on the Make Michaela’s Music Video Indiegogo Page to see how you can contribute and track the progress (a whopping 89% to date!) of her campaign. We’ve also followed her up on Twitter, Instagram (@michaelatherese) and Facebook to tune in to exciting updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses of Make You Think. We already love how it sounds and are stoked to see the outcome of it all!