Madonna can do no wrong in our eyes.

Having watched her in the London edition of her Rebel Heart Tour, she is a true Pop Icon who has continually pushed boundaries and works hard. We are grateful to have been part of her musical journey from cassette tapes to compact discs to today’s digital formats.

‘Living for Love’ tops our list in her Rebel Heart Album.

But it’s her classics that will really get the crowd pumping. Here are our top 5 of the tour’s setlist:

1) Vogue

2) Material Girl

3) Into the Groove

4) Live to Tell

5) Holiday

If you’re a child of the 70’s, 80’s and maybe early 90’s, relive her brilliance at the official Madonna Youtube page here for more videos.

You’ll see from the show he works hard to maintain her relevance.

Bitch, she’s Madonna. Get your tickets at Sportshub, it’s well worth it and you’ll thank us after.