Listen now : Sonic snapshots of Tampines by Syndicate

Tampines is the third largest residential new town in Singapore, lush with a community spirit that supports over 258,000 residents. Before evolving into an urban-planning success story filled with high-rise technicolour housing blocks, bustling markets and air-conditioned malls, the area used to be covered with forests, swamps and sand quarries. And based on many historical accounts, this was the area where tigers used to roam. 

With the neighbourhood’s history and heritage as the backdrop, Syndicate sent 7 music artists out to Tampines to compose original tracks inspired by the the surroundings & the people.   

They surveyed the neighbourhood with an audio recorder in hand. Environmental sounds, neighbourhood chatters and direct interaction with the residents were the range of materials recorded by the artists. These sonic vignettes then served as a base for the artists to start their compositions.

gif reflects on the neighbourhood’s sense of nostalgia

Kiat and Deborah Emmanuel recorded the sounds of both nature and humans at Tampines eco green.

Intriguant sampling Tampines’ kids voices

Tigers in Tampines is the end result of this artistic exercise. The 7 tracks cover a wide range of sounds and emotions. Some reimagined the past while others celebrate the present. As a whole it reflects the neighbourhood’s colourful characteristics and history. Individually, each song tells a unique story that presents the town’s memories and aspirations through a mix of sonic snapshots and impressionistic compositions. 

Vandetta explores open spaces where people can gather

Fauxe with a found keyboard during his HDB walks

Nada looked into the rich history of Hun Yeang Road

First commissioned for the National Arts Council’s Arts In Your Neighbourhood March 2019 Edition, in collaboration with Hear65.  

Listen to the release here