Linying On The Horizon

Quickly gaining increasing recognition from Billboard and entering Spotify’s US Viral 50 chart earlier in January this year, our local singer-songwriter Linying is definitely one local talent we look forward to supporting. Her debut single ‘Sticky Leaves’ is inspired by Russian literary classic The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Led by her angelic vocals, ‘Sticky Leaves’ is a piano-based folk-pop song with a unique electronic-indie touch that has caught global attention.


Image by Longaguu

Linying officially gained prominence in Singapore’s music scene as a participant in Noise Singapore’s The Music Mentorship Programme in 2014. She has since performed in various other local music festivals, such as Esplanade’s Yfest 2013 and of course, every music-lover’s favourite – Baybeats.

“I think there was a lot of disillusion and disappointment for me growing out of my teenage years and learning to live life out,” she says about her track ‘Sticky Leaves’. “The song was probably my way of coming to terms with it — acknowledging that there are things that you think should be but just aren’t, and that there is, nevertheless, a worldly, fleshly, impermanent sort of beauty to living that’s worth seeing even if without understanding.”

Her debut EP, Paris12, with unique album art cover featuring Linying’s portrait in a blurry, abstract watercolour background, is currently in the making and is expected to be released soon this year.14445087_1083797268334216_7734924289503881224_o


Linying’s Paris12 Music Video

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