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While the year quickly draws to a relieving close, Kult isn’t letting it pass on by like that. This Thursday, they unravel their last blast for the year – a group exhibition inspired by the Hong Kong film Chungking Express, featuring more than 25 underground artists worldwide coming together to pay homage to the memorable Wong Kar Wai classic.



The movie revolves around two separate romances that take place in Chungking Mansion and both feature policeman protagonists. It was produced in 1994, which explains the era’s densely-packed, disorderly multiracial mix portrayed. Below is a taste of the “special brand of weirdness” that Kult promises to bring out.


From left to right: Ode to Youth by Kuanth, Dream Person by Mighty Yellow, Lucky Molly by King’ Art


From left to right: Shelf Life by Adam Batchelor, Chungking Jungle by Dawn Ang, Calendar Girl by Laqueesh

This exhibition runs from 20 December to 25 January and is open from 11am-7pm on Mondays to Fridays, and 1-8pm on Saturdays. See you at the opening this Thursday?

Kult Studio and Gallery 

11 Upper Wilkie Rd

Emily Hill C2-5

SIngapore 228120