If you’re into Cocktails, Jazzy Hiphop 🎺, Funk, Soul, & Japanese Vintage Grooves – Kanpai! かんぱい at @plumandtoro is the Saturday night for you. 🎧

DJ MZA of local hiphop collective Matteblacc represents on 30th June, from 7.30pm till late.

Have a listen to one of Matt’s selecta picks – Uyama Hiroto’s ‘Freeform Jazz’ – from his “Yin and Yang” album, released in 2016.

Via Wikipedia:

“Uyama Hiroto is a Japanese record producer, DJ, composer, arranger and close collaborator of the late Japanese DJ, record producer, composer and arranger Nujabes.

His style of music is a heavy downtempo/ambient jazz influenced hip-hop.”







Their signature P&T cocktail consists of Shiso liqueur, Umeshu, Cointreau & Lemon.



Just for KANPAI! on 30th June, enjoy the introductory price of $14 (usual $22), all night long.

Details as per the invite below. Enjoy, and be introduced to the Universe of Jazz, Hip Hop, Funk and Soul, inspired by the Land of the Rising Sun.