Just A Heads Up – Psych is Hella Fun

We played it round the table last Christmas and now at Chinese New Year. Psych! is Ellen’s new mobile game after the uproarious Heads Up.


The minimum number of players is 2, but you’d want to gather as many friends as possible to outwit. Choose from a variety of free trivia decks such as Word Up!, Is That A Fact?, Movie Bluff! (which we find the toughest) or go with tons more you can buy within the app.IMG_4715 IMG_4716 IMG_4717All you have to do is create a convincing answer to each trivia. You “psych” someone by making them to pick your answer over the right one, which is slipped in among everyone’s answers and typically outrageous. Get points for guessing right, and for each other player you trick into choosing your answer.

The game is available for download on iOS and Android, so gather round and for once, try not to get Psyched over this!