Intriguant’s Beat Label Uploading Releases Inaugural Compilation

Local beat makers and producers platform Uploading has released its first compilation of music, consisting of tracks by up-and-comers that have featured at its events since its inception in July 2019, that managed five showcases before social distancing measures shut down music venues.

Stand out tracks on the compilation include offerings by established producers such as Kiat’s four-to-the-floor flex alongside Deborah Emmanual’s spoken word wizardry on the track Spit, FZPZ’s classic chunky beats and multi instrumentation on Intake, Fauxe’s contribution of off kilter break beat and samples, and Halal Sol’s distorted and lo-fied house – that sets its sights on the dance floor.
Thoughts by Zrina

Zrina’s Thoughts admirably leads the first tries, with her moody vocal stylings sitting in deep and heady electronica. Cravism opens up the release with Triple 1 in the same stylistic vein, while I-K’s contribution is an IDM’s cacophony of bliss. 

All 11 tracks of the compilation, post release – are accompanied by visual work by artists posted to Instagram, as an audio-visual collaboration. Visual artists such as Tristan Lim, Zune, Brandon Tay, Djohan Johari, Matthew Ryan and Cybercesspool contribute and feature.
Flashing by KNWN

A release that sets and meets its objectives with a resilience much needed in this isolated state of circuit breaking times, head honcho of the label Intriguant deserves due praise for pivoting this event based platform towards a digital label, showcasing the best in beat making and electronic music production that Singaporeans have to offer.

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