The Final Page, Part One And Two

After no less than nine crazy long seasons over the span of the past seven years, How I Met Your Mother, our once-favourite American comedy (besides Modern Family and 2 Broke Girls), is coming to an end in May 2014. Cue mixed feelings.

However, CBS is not leaving us listless for long after the final episode is aired next year.

How I Met Your Dad, similar to HIMYM but narrated from a feminine perspective, is set to debut as a spin-off to How I Met Your Mother.

Despite the foreseen critique and unsparing comparison to come, we’ve got high hopes because creator Carter Bays and Emily Spivey, writer of the brilliant Parks and Recreation and Up All Night, have put their heads together to make #HIMYD happen.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 6.28.40 PM

Meanwhile, eager beavers aren’t hearing much except for when Carter Bay reveals snippets on Twitter from time to time, so we’re keeping our eyes peeled!

PS. We leave you with Barney’s interruptive “Stand By Me”.