Gentle Bones – Geniuses, Thieves & Now Liars

Minimal yet cinematic, Liar featuring Linying is the latest and last single off the Geniuses & Thieves EP by Gentle Bones. Unlike title track Geniuses & Thieves which brandishes a hook that never lets you off from first listen, Liar is a more eventual yet equally dramatic fall into Josh Wei‘s playground of newfangled production. Paced gloriously with Linying’s and Joel’s sentiments undone and lyrically repacked, it’s absurd.

Geniuses & Thieves, April 2016

Citing Linying as one of the many inspiring and ingenious people he had worked with on this record, Joel adds:

“Linying is an incredible artiste. We wrote this song in a few hours fiddling with chords using her piano at home and it was such an inspiring experience for me. This is the final single off my sophomore EP and I’m glad this track is it.”

If G&T was a good indication of where the EP was going, Liar tells nothing about how the course of 2017 might unfold for the artiste and his entourage. He’d probably surprised himself since sometime in 2014 anyway. But what a way to bookend the second EP of his musical lifetime thus far. Get Liar, and have a listen to the rest of Geniuses & Thieves below.