Tel Aviv Rapper, DJ & Producer Cohenbeats

Michael Cohen is 1/3 of Cohen@Mushon.

Unconventional names for unconventional sounds.

Daily Affirmations is DJ, Rapper and Producer CohenBeats‘ latest record, released under Stones Throw. Having moved to LA in 2011, the 26 year old’s roots show strong in all-Israeli samples spliced with rap, singing and self-produced beats.

Us Vs. Them features Oliver the 2nd and Jeremiah Jae, while the title track Daily Affirmations features Quelle Chris.

With simpler, sunny and jingly tracks like Hello and LoveEachOtha, and short ones like 40-second Clik, 22 tracks is really easy to get through, with exotic and retrospective surprises all along the way. 4urhealth is a favourite. Give it a spin below.

The Daily Affirmations vinyl is available for purchase at Choice Cuts Goods + Coffee for $36.

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