Casey Neistat is crazy. In the 32 years of his life, he’s had his own show, directed TV advertisements for Honda, Nike, and most recently – say some 18 hours ago – gotten married to the girl whom he already married in Texas back in 2005.

His commercial work is as interesting as his personal projects, so while we’re unceasingly fascinated by the process of planning and conceptualising his advert for Honda, we are equally amazed by the lack thereof in his stint for Nike, where he literally ran and jumped across the globe till the allotted budget ran out.

In the wake of the tragic typhoon Haiyan that struck the Philippines last November, Casey felt deeply for the victims so it was timely when 20th Century Fox asked if he would like to make a promotional film to get the word out about Ben Stiller’s new movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – which is, by the way, a pretty darn good movie about going out there to get something done. There’s only so much you can say in two hours and five minutes, and Ben Stiller did it with the help of mind-blowing cinematography and a kickass soundtrack.

Seems like they got the right man for the job when Casey used the USD$25,000 budget to personally buy and distribute food to victims of the disaster.

It pains us to say this but he is the epitome of YOLO; so before closing this tab in disappointment at us for using that hackneyed phrase, just know it is an undeniable fact. The guy is an untrained film extraordinaire with a contagious love and zeal for life, so follow him to know when he next travels from NYC to Italy to check out a sunken cruise ship.

As quoted from his site:

“My Instagram is better than my Twitter which is better than my Facebook page but YouTube will always be numero uno.”